The game has two game modes. First mode is more extensive.
In this mode, you can upgrade the abilities, purchase a fuel,
conquer the chamber, or beat the record in the sewers.
The second game mode "Challenge" is a fast game
in which in every level you encounter an additional rockets.

Some rules:
On the stage You can move in eight directions.
Your every move cause reaction of Bad Rockets, which always blindly goes your way.
if they fall on themselves, they broke down and ignite.
You have to move so that all Bad Rockets broke down.
After crashing all rockets, you can gather scrap-metal from the room.
Take care that not to collide with the speedy Spider-Scrap-Picker.
In the store You can buy some upgrades (special powers: LASER, TELEPORT & EMP)

Programming and desing: Przemysław Kłosok

Graphics artist: Przemysław Kłosok

Betatester: Dziki vel Riddick

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