The puzzle game with...„FRENZY SHAKING AND ROTATING”

Game rules:The game involves the removal from the stage as many amount of dice. The dices can be removed when lie next to each other of the same color. We gain as many points as is the sum of the numbers on the marked dices. You can (if you enabled that option) shake the phone and draw numbers on the marked dices and gain more points (if you have luck). By rotating the phone, you rotate the stage with dices. Falling dices creating a new layout and new possibility of movements. But (medium and hard difficulty level) possibility of rotation is limited. With each rotation of the dices become more fragile and finally crumble in to the dust. Stage can be rotated only by 90 degrees, if the stage was rotated 180 degrees, then regardless of difficulty level, the dices crumble immediately. Dices also crumble immediately when you rotate the phone when you have selection screen "take or shake", then you absolutly can not rotate the phone ! Points earned can be greatly increased with the Combo. From the second level upwards, during the game appears "surprise", and on the stage falls portion of the additional dices. The higher the game level the more often those surprises occur. You can turn on the button that will substitute of shaking the phone.

Programming, graphics and design:PRZEMYSLAW KLOSOK

Very special thanks for:BELOVED KOTEK and Piesek Lara

Wave/WaveII/WaveIII (480x800)

Wave Y/Wave M (320x480)

Wave578/723/533/525 (240x400)

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