Puzzle game based on the rules of Tetris.

The objective of the game is to manipulate these bricks, by movingeach one sideways and rotating it by 90 degree, with the aim ofcreating a horizontal line of blocks without gaps. Bricks fromthe beginning fall down very slowly but the longer you play,the game accelerates and becomes more difficult. Colours of bricksare also important. If we create the whole row in one color, thenwe gain a lot more points.There are also types of bricks in thecolors of the rainbow. These blocks are universal and replacesany other color. There are also shimmering bricks. These bricksare gaining randomly color after putting them on the right place.In the rainbow and shimmering bricks, the ability to changetheir color into another is locked. Also bricks of primarycolors have sometimes locked those possibility.


For each block we get as many points as he takes places.

100 pts. for the creating of the line.

1000 pts. for the creating of the line in one color.

10000 pts. for the creating of the entire line of only rainbow bricks.

Points scored for the arrangement of the line are multiplied by thecurrent level games, and the number of lines at once arranged.

Programming, design and graphics:PRZEMYSLAW KLOSOK

Very special thanks for:BELOVED KOTEK and PIESEK LARA

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Wave/WaveII/WaveIII (480x800)

Wave578/723/533/525 (240x400)

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