PK-Snake: The Apple Gobbler
"Far in the jungle, two ruthless hunters, grabs in slavery a lot of young and small snakes.
One of the hunters, Jack Samuelson, takes them on board of plane and going export them
to the zoo to the other side of the world. At the same time, the second hunter, John Lopez,
attempts to catch in the depths of the river, a huge snake mom. Tiny snakes to get free and
protect their mom, incite a rebellion on board of aircraft and jump out on the meadows
near the jungle. Help them to gather strength, help them to grow that they can in time
protect their mum against cruel hunters."

Game rules:
You control the Snake, trying to gather various types of fruits and get to the exit.
To open the exit, the Snake must at the same time crawls on the two switches (stone plates),
and reach out to the opened exit. Therefore, the most important is the length of the Snake.
Length increases when the snake eats an apple. On his way, the Snake may encounter other
fruits and terrain obstacles that needs to be bypass. When he hits in the an obstacle, then he
loses some health. Wooden crates can crush. To crush a crate is needed strength,
a minimum of 10 points.

Wave/WaveII/WaveIII (480x800)

Wave Y/Wave M (320x480)

Wave578/723/533/525 (240x400)

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