Arcade-Logical Game + Level Editor

Over a dozen huge levels and included level editor ,guarantee you a many hours of fun.

"Bad gnome Yarro cursed three humanbeer warriors, turning them into Were-Boar,Were-Seal and Were-Lynx. To make mattersworse, he stole and hid whole beer of the world.Without that beers, the world will plunge in chaos.The animal heroes must retrieve all the barrels.Finding all the barrels will not be a simple task.They must watch out for falling rocks andflying "Fire Furts of gnome Yarro"which can kill even the largest tough guy. "

The game objective is to collect all hidden on thegame board barrels of beer. To get to certain placesoften you will need to use special beer-powers.Each character has one such power. You can changethe charakter during the game, just by returningto the gate (starting location).After collecting all the barrels, to finish the levelyou also need to go back to the gate.

Game designer: Przemysław Klosok

Programming and graphics: Przemysław Klosok

Special thanks for the real beer warriors:Rysiek, Dziki and Foka.

Very special thanks for:Beloved Kotek and doggy Lara.

Wave/WaveII/WaveIII (480x800)
Wave578/723/533/525 (240x400)
Wave Y/Wave M (320x480)

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