Last Exterminator

Arcade game "shooter" based on the principles of classic arcade games.

In the game you control a soldier called "Last Exterminator".

The purpose of the game is to shootdown as many "Robo-Spiders" you can.For extermination you can use a few very good weapons.

- To get a better weapon, you have toshoot down an enemy helicopter and collect crate which out of it fell out.

- To gain an extra life, you need toshoot down the rocket.

- Hostile "Robo-tank" isindestructible and you have to be avoided.

- At the end of each level, on thebattlefield comes "Super Robo-Spiders". To destroy such you have to hit him 4times.

After every single hit, "Super Robo-Spider"quickly teleports

to another location.

Programming, graphics and design:PRZEMYSLAW KLOSOK

Very special thanks for:BELOVED KOTEK and Piesek Lara


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