Logical game with arcade elements.

Game rules:In the game, you control the robot armed with: grappling hook launcher,sticky bomb launcher and two laser cannons.Sticky bomb and laser cannonare used to crush the stones blocking the way for us to crystals.Rope with a hook is used for hooking and lifting robot or gatheringcrystals.There are two types of stages, on which you play alternately.In the first stage type, you can not allow that stone notfell on the the robot or on the ground, where are explosive tanks.On this stage, laser cannons are useless.In the second type of stage,you must be careful no stone fall on the robot. Stone can fall on theground, where then you can crush it by the laser cannon.Here you can also use the rope with hook and catch on uncoveredgrips and lift the robot higher. When the robot is hookedYou can not use bombs but you can shoot with laser.

Levels in the game are generated randomly. Therefore, there may becases when you will not be able to collect all the crystals. You can inthis case to skip the level and move on to the next level. But every time,when you skipped the level, you are losing half of gained points.When you collected all crystals from the board, gained points are doubled.

Desing, programming and graphics: Przemyslaw Klosok

Special thanks for: Kotek and Piesek Lara.

Wave/WaveII/WaveIII (480x800)

Wave Y/Wave M (320x480)

Wave578/723/533/525 (240x400)

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