Cat in the trap

"Evil mouse scientist Dr.Mouser, is Testing an armyof Robo-Mice. To his evil plans, he wants to usecatched cat. He does not know that cat has a superpowers. Help cat to escape from the dungeons,destroying as many Robo-Mice as possible"

Game rules:You can move on the board in eight directions. Your every move cause reactionof Robo-Mice, which always blindly goes your way. If they fall on themselves,they broke down and ignite. You have to move so that all Robo-Mice broke down.You can also use the three super-powers:

Teleport - It moves you into the place, furthest away from the Robo-Mice positions.

Big paw - Magical big paw, destroys all enemies around.

Stinky cloud - Foul-smelling cloud which raises panic among Robo-Mice.

There are two modes of play. In normal mode, you are moving around the dungeonsand you are looking for a clues about exit. The higher the difficultylevel you choose,the more clues will have to be found and you'll encounter on more Robo-Mice.In the "Challenge Mode", you are going through the levels. At new levels, youencounter an additional Robo-Mice to destroy.

Programming and desing: Przemysław Kłosok

Graphics: Kotek , Piesek Lara , Przemysław Kłosok

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Wave578/723/533/525 (240x400)
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